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Content Topic Focus

The content topics are suggested based on the products or services that are currently the focus of your Brand Building strategy. Your Brand Building specialist, in conjunction with you, your account manager and other members of your G/O Digital Marketing team, will take into account your unique business, your industry, geography and the demographics of your customers to customize a content strategy that furthers your business’s specific goals.

Approval of Content

Completed Content/Headlines

Please approve or revise your content and topics within five business days of receipt. Once the five-day approval period has elapsed, it will be assumed no changes are needed to the content for this month and the headlines and topics for next month’s content will be auto-approved and submitted for content creation. Content will not be posted by G/O Digital without the client’s explicit consent. If approval was not granted within the five-day approval period, revising and posting of all G/O Digital generated content will be the responsibility of the client. The client will have full ownership of the content and may use the content at their discretion.


G/O Digital will provide one free round of revisions per piece of content. All content and headline revision requests must be submitted together within the five-day approval period. If you would like to make a change to any content, please provide detailed, specific feedback, including any branding or industry/business-specific terminology to include or avoid in future content. This feedback will help us ensure we deliver engaging content that suits your audience’s needs while aligning with your business objectives.

Client Editorial Control

  • You are entitled to one round of revisions for each piece of content.
  • Input regarding your voice, culture and style helps us provide content that aligns with your brand.
  • Timely, detailed input regarding your content will prove invaluable.
  • Once the content has been posted you may change it as you see fit.