How long do I have to approve content?

Once you have received your new month’s content and future month’s topics you have five business days to provide revisions and approve the content and the next month’s topics.  For content to be posted by G/O Digital on the client’s behalf, approvals will need to be received within those five business days. If you do NOT approve the content within that timeframe you still own the content and may revise it and post it as you wish and at your leisure.

How long do I have to submit revisions?

For content to be revised on the client’s behalf, detailed changes will have to be submitted within five business days of the content and next month’s topics being sent out.

Why doesn’t my content align directly with my topics?

The provided content for your Brand Building campaign should be looked at as a sharable, yet informative and engagement piece. The years of “keyword stuffing” digital content have essentially been ended by Google and other search service providers and digital advertising platforms. Search engines are currently putting far more weight on the quality of content, and whether the publisher of the content is in fact credible or sought after as an authority within the industry. For a business to reach the search engine’s threshold for credibility or authority, websites must be robust with interesting, engaging and educational content that attracts relevant searchers and earns impressions and clicks organically, all while correlating with the queries that are entered by consumers seeking answers, products or services.

With that being said, our strategy is to use semantically related terms with high search volume combined with topic strategies derived from knowledge of the vertical and demographic/buyer persona research to create appealing, timely content that will attract customers directly and indirectly.

When will my content be posted to my social media?

Content will be posted to the client’s social media profiles within five business days of the content being approved. The Brand Building specialist on the campaign will then provide the client’s account manager with hard dates on which content will be shared.

Why isn’t the content posted on the same days each month?

Content is scheduled to be posted once it is approved by the client. As the campaign continues, the Brand Building specialists will plan content based on historic content performance and trends they have identified from previous months (i.e. if content performs better when posted earlier in the week vs. Friday, or if it performs better in the morning vs. afternoon, etc.).

How many rounds of revisions are included in the content marketing piece of Brand Building?

You are entitled to one round of free revisions for each blog post or piece of visual content. If you require additional rounds of revisions you may incur a charge. Please check with your Account Manager to verify.