Viewing Your Content

To view your content simply click the button titled Click Here to Review and Approve, found below the detailed topic information. You can also view a month’s content by clicking the content links in the sidebar while on a specific batch’s page, which can be navigated with the dropdown in the sidebar.

Navigating Through Images

If there are multiple images in your content (for example: a slideshare or a multi page document) you can navigate through them by clicking Previous and Next in the top control bar.

Image Tray

In addition, you can also click the grid icon in the top bar and the image tray will dropdown. The image tray allows you to view and scroll through the images as thumbnails. Hovering over the images in the tray will show how many comments have been made and when the image was added. To hide the tray simply click X in the bottom right corner of the tray or hover off the image tray area.


See the sections below to learn how to comment on images.

Adding Comments

To add a comment to an image, simply click on the image where you want your comment to appear. Enter your comment and click Add Comment to submit. Anyone who has commented on the content or within the comment thread will receive an email with a link to the new comment.

You will need to log in with the username and password that has been provided to you in order to comment on your content.

Tip: You can also submit a comment by pressing Shift + Enter on your keyboard.

Note: You cannot edit or add comments onto content that has been approved.

Editing Comments

If you hover your cursor over the comment text a small pencil icon will appear. Clicking on the pencil icon allows you to edit your comment. Click Save to apply changes.

Deleting Comments

In addition to the pencil icon a trash can icon will also be displayed when you hover your cursor over the comment text. You can click this trash can icon to delete the comment.

Note: You will only be able to delete comments that you have made, not comments from other users.

Sharing a Comment

You can share a comment with someone via email. Simply click Comment in the top left corner of the comment box. Select Share Comment and an email invitation form will pop up. Fill out the form accordingly and click Send. You can also click the Get Comment Link to retrieve a comment link you can share with whomever you’d like.

Note: You will need to be logged in to see the comment. You can request a login for new users at any time.

Approving Content

To approve a piece of content simply click the green Approve button in the top right corner of the screen.

Note: Once you approve a piece of content it cannot be unapproved.